The crowns are an ideal cosmetic solution for anyone who wants a beautiful smile with minimal invasion to their teeth. By hiding your natural teeth behind a very thin layer of porcelain, we can improve your facial appearance and increase your confidence with dental coatings. Coatings can be used to change the size, shape, color, symmetry of the teeth and the way you smile.

Natural Look


Long lasting


  • Beginning of the operations

    Oral Consultation and Treatment Planning

    During the initial consultation, the dentist will access various dental examinations to formulate treatment plans that fit the patient's needs.

  • Selective Crowns

    Patients can choose the type of coating they want for the treatments. Each type of coating has its own advantages and disadvantages and is subject to the condition of the patient's teeth.

  • Adhesive Crown/ Lab Molding

    While porcelain veneers must be sent to the laboratory for processing, composite veneers can be attached in place.

  • End of the operations

    Hygiene Care

    After the completion of the implant treatment, the patient should maintain regular and thorough oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure optimum oral health outcomes.