Teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening removes the yellow stain caused by tobacco and makes you smile in pearl whiteness. Precision laser-treated tooth whitening effects can be seen in up to 8 shades of white in just 60 minutes. We can remove the yellow stains on the teeth and with brighter teeth even increase your confidence!

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8 Tone Whitening Teeth

Minimal Irritation

Just with one visit

Teeth whitening

  • Beginning of the operations

    Oral Consultation and Treatment Planning

    During the initial consultation, the dentist will perform various dental examinations to formulate treatment plans that fit the patient's needs.

  • Special Treatments

    To achieve the best results, several pretreatments will be made, such as Tooth Filling or Polishing, before bleaching.

  • Laser Whitening

    Dentists will apply a specially formulated gum barrier to protect the patient's gums from whitening agent. Gels solidify within a few minutes and whitening agents are applied to the tooth surface. Laser light cure will be activated over time to enhance whitening effects.

  • End of the operations

    Hygiene Care

    After the completion of the implant treatment, the patient should maintain regular and thorough oral hygiene. Regular visits to your dentist are essential to ensure optimum oral health outcomes.